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Tzohar Women

Empowering adult Jewish women to explore spiritual meaning, personal growth and healing through artistic expression and Jewish learning.

Tzohar women make beautiful art.

The word Tzohar comes from the Torah portion of Noach. G-D commands Noah to build an ark and in it to create a “Tzohar”. This is explained by the commentator Rashi to be a window or skylight to be placed in the ark to let light in. The other meaning he offers is that it could have been a precious stone that shone its light out. This word is not used anywhere else in Torah, or even in modern Hebrew language.


The word Tzar (צר) means narrow and also extends to the term tzarot (צרות) meaning troubles or worries. When we take this narrow word of worries and we allow in the letter ‘H’ (ה), we are allowing G-D in, as “H” represents G-D.  We allow G-D to open our narrow views, our seeming troubles, and give us breath and trust that this expansion can become a Tzohar (צהר), a light. This light is a window or skylight to let light in and a precious gem to shine light out – so we become in flow with G-D’s light and a vessel for that endless positivity and possibility.


This expansion has been at the core of Tzohar seminary for the past eleven years, where young women have received the light of Torah, Chassidus and Creativity into their lives, and they have shone their precious souls and talents back out to the world, sharing the expansion and sense of inner Geula that they have experienced.


For many years we have been told by mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends: “If only I had Tzohar when I was younger”, or “If only I could attend now!”. For those who have asked, and those who have yearned for such an opportunity: 


Tzohar women have a great community.


The first project of Tzohar Women was a six week course for local women consisting of a dedicated four hours a week of creative journaling and writing, study of Kabbalah and Chassidus, playful improvisation, body work, painting class and self discovery/healing work. Although interrupted by the outbreak of Covid-19, we were able to finish the course online and left it with a sense of great possibility for the future.


We have ideas for classes in Chassidus, creativity, on healing, and in the various arts.


But we also believe that Tzohar Women will become a place and a community of flow, of hearing from adult women of different ages. Of sharing with each other, and helping individuals, and creative groups for women to grow.


May TZOHAR WOMEN be an invitation to you to create a Tzohar, a flow of light and inspiration to grow a garden, a beautiful world, together.


PLEASE send us your thoughts, your hopes and dreams for yourselves and for Tzohar Women to:


Thank you,

Amy Guterson

Watch our Geula and Creativity presentation featuring Amy Guterson and Ani Lipitz highlighting  farbrengen for Women.

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